In collaboration with Connecticut-based creative agency SPINE and Qmerit, homepage redesign and installation hub for the leading provider of EV services nationwide frames the complex home electrification process in a clear and concise interface across mulitiple platforms.

Qmerit makes home EV charging easy.

CASE STUDY  \\ UI.UX. Visual Design. Motion Design. 

How was it done?


Through a full-site audit and a wide range of techniques — including foundational models, user research, testing, ideation and user-centric design methodologies — Qmerit was positioned to directly improve the experience of end-users and drive substantially increased engagement in the customer journey site-wide when  compared to previous iterations.  

Relying on analytic metrics, heatmaps, user feedback, user personas and implementation of numerous optimization tools, special insight was gained from which features users had already adopted and preferred — and which  features they ignored — in previous iterations and how customers generally navigate Qmerit’s available products and services. 

This relevant data defined opportunities for improvements to the user experience. After a process of exhaustive iterative wire framing, prototyping and implementation of key UX frameworks within the scope of a specifically user-oriented design and development focus, Qmerit was able to more fully leverage their web presence while dramatically increasing user engagement and conversion.

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