More than just code.

Behind every line of code there’s a story. This is the story of AI, healthcare and Veterans, the diverse perspectives that shape those stories, and the relentless determination that binds them all together. It’s a story of collaboration, creativity and compassion — a story that reminds us of the incredible power we possess when we come together with a common purpose. 

The National Artificial Intelligence Institute is the leading organization for artificial intelligence (AI) research, implementation, policy and collaboration at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and builds partnerships across government, industry and the research community. 

COLLABORATION, the 2023 Annual Report, focuses on these stories and perspectives to celebrate the NAII and their efforts to aid veterans across the global  healthcare sphere.


In addition to a short print run, the annual report was also built with considerable focus on the digital experience as a primary platform — the layouts were carefully built around a grid structure, utilizing blocks to form various layered shapes and delineated spaces for the information design to mirror the composition and familiarity of a standard web page while leveraging shadows and opacities to mimic the depth and tactility of a printed page when viewed on-screen.  

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